Automated telemarketing , Text2Speech and premium rate numbers

Operators registered in landline services and data transmission services in CNMT

Servicios de voz de NRS-GROUP.

Our voice services

Make automatic calls to your contacts and B2B voice services. Send voice messages to landlines and mobiles using custom text. Automated phone calls with text recognition at any time and from any device.

Text2Speech y automated calls

Carry out your telemarketing campaigns by making automated calls to all the contacts in your database.

utomatically convert your written texts to voice calls and use custom fields (such as customer's name, codes, vouchers, etc.).
You can also make automatic calls with pre-recorded advertising by uploading an MP3 or WAV audio file.

Premium numbers

Additional rate lines and premium numbers in more than 50 countries.

800, 900, 901, 902, 803, 806, 807 and 905 premium rate numbers. Telephone lines to provide professional or lifestyle advice. We provide all the numbers you need to deliver additional rate services in more than 50 countries.

To contract an additional rate number, please enter our portal NRSNumbers.


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