Bulk SMS messaging
End-to-end SMS solutions for B2B and resellers

Since 2001, we have been constantly breaking ground in SMS solutions, offering the best rates and service to our clients.
Leaders as SMS providers with millions of monthly mailings, direct routes and worldwide coverage.

Envíos masivos de SMS

SMS messaging for individuals and companies.

Manage your own contact list, create groups or schedule bulk mailings. From the simplest solutions for individuals with a few users in their agenda, to the most advanced integrations and mailings to millions-strong databases simultaneously with SMS and custom senders.

Customer loyalty

Customer loyalty: actions for customer loyalty, sending of information-based SMS, customised vouchers, prize draws, etc.

Offers and deals

Offers, deals, sales, prize draws, etc. For shopping centres, hypermarkets and stores of all kinds.

Financial institutions

Notifications about salary payments, direct debit payments, deals and gifts for financial institutions

Payment notifications

Notifications about renewal of policies, new services, reminder of instalment payments.


Reminders for appointments, meetings, gatherings, assemblies, etc. Useful for all types of industries, from clinics and doctor's surgeries to political parties, NGOs, and so on.

Educational institutions

Notifications about absenteeism, grades, meetings, exams, etc. For all types of educational institutions (from small academies to major universities)

Travel agencies

Booking confirmations, departure times and places, as well as all kinds of deals for travel agencies.

Online validation

Check the accuracy of your users' data, integrating validation systems through SMS.

What will I find on the platforms?

Every day, we add new functionalities and upgrades to our SMS platforms.

We have various platforms where you can register depending on your user profile or specific needs.

This is just a selection of the features of each platform:

  • Fast and intuitive messaging
  • Messaging in maximum 4 steps
  • Pay-per-use
  • Customised sender
  • Integration APIs
  • Concatenated SMS
  • Messages to test numbers
  • Database management
  • Programmable messaging
  • Customisable fields
  • Quality routes

Our SMS messaging platforms

Log in and sign up to our SMS platforms. Select the platforms according to your needs.




Make your SMS messaging simple, automated or trigger by combining other channels such as mailing, app and web push notifications, automated phone calls, etc.




Specific platform for sending SMS worldwide. Integration APIs, standard SMS, 2-way SMS, certified SMS, Mail2SMS, SMS landing page.
The most robust, secure and reliable platform on the market.




White-label platform for resellers with the possibility of full customisation, client registration, price management, stats by volume and low-cost SMS routes.


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