Push notifications for
apps (Android and iOS) and websites

Implement and send push notifications on your websites and apps. Valid for Android and iOS apps, multi-platform notifications and for any operating system.

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Push notifications for Android and iPhone

Simple implementation of push notifications in your apps, keeping your users informed at any time about news, offers and promotions.
We have 4 types of push apps : Standard notification, extended notification, AlertBox and interstitials.

Compatible with iOS and Android

Full compatibility and independent or unified campaigns for both operating systems.


Notifications in different languages ​​by geolocation or predefined language in the app

Full stats

Analyze accurately all the interactions of your target, get valuable reports to optimizing your campaigns and increase your sales.

Notificaciones iPhone

Advanced segmentation

Targeting with any field taken from your database or your app (age, sex, preferences, etc.)


Targeting by geolocation. Send mailings to users in a specific location or delimit by operational range.

Custom fields

Customise your notifications thanks to the various options within each field and you'll multiply the open rate.

Notificaciones Web Push

Notifications WEB PUSH

Attract users of your website with eye-catching subscription alerts and send them notifications even if their browser is closed.

Universal channel

Direct, short and quick-to-read messages, available on any web browser, tablet and mobile.


Trigger an instantaneous reaction among your users by keeping them informed about all news and latest developments.


Web push notifications are the fastest online marketing channel both for attracting clients and sending campaigns, with possibilities for automation by feed.

100% anonymous

Web push notifications do not obtain personal data, so they are not subject to legal obligations related to the processing of said data.

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