Bulk SMS Carrier It is an SMS sending service designed for wholesale SMS customers.
Connects you directly to NRSGateway to send large volumes of messages.
Send SMS to everyone quickly, efficiently and securely.

Leaders since 2001 in bulk SMS

With years of experience in telecommunications operations and mobile marketing, NRS-GROUP is the most reliable partner for your bulk SMS wholesale business, sending large volumes of SMS traffic from our wholesale partners.

Management and optimisation of routing in real time to always provide the very best value for money.
Ongoing monitoring of our routes means we can always use the best routes, optimising both delivery time and price.

Envío masivo de SMS para operadoras, mayoristas y revendedores

¿Who is the bulk SMS service aimed at?

Mobile operators

Thanks to our vast experience in the market, we provide first-rate solutions to major mobile operators.

SMS aggregators

We offer the best rates for bulk SMS companies. Providing the best routes worldwide at the best market price.


We provide our resellers with the fastest and most efficient infrastructure for sending SMS, as well as our white-label tool.

Our Bulk SMS Wholesale service is the most robust and cost-effective solution for bulk SMS messaging.

1.452.256.897/sms last year
Connection with more than 180 countries.

For further information, contact us without obligation.
+34 964 523331


These are some of the points that our wholesale customers most value.

  • Robust bulk SMS service with high availability
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Direct routes
  • Best value for money
  • High performance and low delivery time
  • Professional technical support
  • Scalability
  • High-performance platform
  • The best SMS-optimised routing service for wholesalers
  • Global agreements with leading mobile operators
  • Advanced SMS functions with a wide range of features.
  • Exclusive rates for wholesale and reseller customers

Main features of our BulkSMS platform

Find out why major companies around the world trust us to send millions of SMS each day with the NRS-GROUP service to resellers and platforms.

Worldwide messaging
Direct routes
Concatenated messages (depending on country)
Binary SMS
Special characters
Number portability
Priority messaging
Certified SMS and high security
High messaging speed
Standard connections
Low latency
24/7 availability
Professional support
Robust, stable and highly available SMS platform (99.9999%)


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