Applicateka gives the user direct access to thousands of premium content for their mobile phone and PC.

Web subscription service for smartphones, tablets and PCs that gives users access to thousands of premium content: content that is currently purchased on Google Play by single payment and which the user can, on Applicateka, get at no extra cost and unlimited (while their subscription remains active) :

  • Content variety.
    Applicateka contains games, backgrounds, wallpapers, applications, utilities, videos and sports scores among many others.
  • Self-developed content.
    Applicateka includes self-developed content and personalised content.
  • Categorised content.
    All contents is categorised and classified for ease of customer access.
  • Premium numbers.
    It includes a great amount of content which would have to be paid for individually, but in Applicateka the user is offered it unlimited and at no extra cost.
  • Checked and updated content.
    The contents are checked, tested and updated periodically.

Transparent subscription process

  • Subscribe with Direct Carrier Billing.
    NRS-GROUP conducts a policy of complete transparency for service fees and payment method.
  • Safe and reliable payment.
    Direct billing is one of the safest methods of payment both for the operator and for the user.
  • Subscripcion.
    The user agrees to pay a subscription for a period of one week (7 days), after which they may terminate the service if desired.